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Argus BedWatch is an affordable technology solution allowing you to proactively monitor the wellness of your residents by remotely reporting on conditions affecting their health and safety, thus improving the lives of the independently elderly in a non-invasive manner. Stay connected 24/7 through rule-driven alerts and view changes over time through a web-based dashboard.


Created with the elderly and those who care for them in mind


Increase the wellness and independence of those you care for.

Competitive Advantage

Differentiate your care facility from your competition.

Staff Support

Extend your reach without adding additional strain to your already stretched staff.

Superior Service

Provide a superior level of service to your residents.

Cost Effective

Cost effective and robust.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 remote monitoring through a central interface.

How it Works

Technology-assisted care

Room-based sensors monitor variables effecting both physical and environmental wellness; including pulse, room temperature, room intrusion, motion, bed moisture and restlessness. Collected information is streamed via the GSM network to a sophisticated central processing system from where customisable alerts trigger critical events notifications via e-mail or SMS and a web-based, graphical interface allows you to easily view trends over time.

Argus BedWatch is not a diagnostic system; it does not limit what you see or dictate your actions. Instead, it provides you with a full view of the collected information as a continuous record, and allows you set up personalised alerts for each individual resident for out-of-the-ordinary events. After all, who knows your residents better than you?

Easy-to use dashboard view

The Argus BedWatch merges information on both physical and environmental conditions into a centralised dashboard -simple to view from either a computer or a mobile phone.


Enclosure Wall mounted IP65 HDPE enclosure
Data Protocol MQTT
Transmission GSM/2g/3g/4g
Antenna GSM stub
Power cable 2 pin 240v
Power draw 3A
Backup battery 2 x 2200mAh LIPO, 8 hour duration

3.7v wifi, non-intrusive sensor for heartbeat and respiration
3.7v wired temperature and humidity sensor
All other sensors passive wired

Transmission interval 5 minutes
Retention of data 2 months readings
Alert mechanism SMS


What is included

1 x Argus Unit
1 x Argus BedStrap

What is monitored



What is included

1 x Argus Unit
1 x Argus BedStrap
2 x Motion sensors
1 x Door sensor
1 x Incontinence mat
1 x Pressure mat
1 x Room temp and humidity sensor

What is monitored

Intrusion detection
Motion/movement in room
Room temperature and humidity

The Creators

“We are … wellness”

A collaboration of inventors passionate about creating technology that cares.

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